Solo 2 in 1 Bamboo Plate Bowl

by FOKaL on July 19, 2011

Solo 2 in 1 Bamboo Plate Bowl

Ekobo has created what may very well be the perfect dish – the Solo 2 in 1 Plate Bowl. So wide that it could hold a generous salad but shallow enough to be used as a plate, the Solo Plate Bowl couldn’t have a more appropriate name.

The only thing more fascinating than the distinctive look of these bamboo bowls is the Earth friendly process used to create them. These vessels are 100% handcrafted – a machete (yes, a machete!) is used to peel a bamboo pole, then the strips of material are wound in a spiral shape and bound with all-natural glue. Even the sanding, polishing, and painting are done completely by hand!

We just love the entire concept of the Solo – its accessible and stylish design makes this bowl perfect for the casual foodie.

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Solo Plate Bowl

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