Stylish Tips to Prevent Drafty Winter Windows

by FOKaL on December 28, 2012

Stylish Tips to Prevent Drafty Winter Windows

We all know the time-tested solution of covering windows with those clear plastic films to block out winter drafts, but let’s be honest – that old trick just doesn’t make sense when it comes to interior design. You want something more stylish and we don’t blame you.

Get Creative with Warmer Window Treatments

Scrap the plastic and think modern. Investing in thicker window treatments just might be the ideal way to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Changing your drapes seasonally requires a little time and effort but it definitely beats struggling with higher heating bills.

Look for plush fabrics with enough weight to touch the window frames and you’ll notice a world of difference. Pleated window dressings are also nice and don’t rule out going full floor-to-ceiling.

Then again, this solution does not entirely fix the problem if you want to pull open those curtains to let in some winter sunlight. There are always other options, including clear but insulated cling-film that sticks to the window glass directly. It won’t stop drafts but it will add another layer of protection to stop heat loss.

For the drafts, look up DIY guides to creating your own “window sock” – these little fabric tubes sit at the bottom of your sill and can look super cute.

These are all just ways to avoid the real solution: better windows. If caulking and sealing doesn’t fix your problem then you know what you have to do. We strongly suggest saving up for replacements with thermal glazing like Weatherseal double glazing windows. Then you can go back to beautiful naked windows or simple window treatments without worrying about the cold.

We hope these stylish solutions suit your needs – nobody likes freezing their rear end off during the colder months. Do you know a trick that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below and save a fellow design fan some trouble.

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