Technology Has Changed the Way we Paint

by FOKaL on July 28, 2012

Technology Has Changed the Way we Paint

Have you tackled a new paint project recently? Technology had made it an entirely different experience than it was just a few years ago. These days, you can snap a photo of some inspiration and send it to a friend who might then text you a link to the ideal paint color – this type of lightning-fast project planning wasn’t quite possible before!

Geek Chic with a Coat of Paint

Even gathering inspiration is easy. We spend a lot of time looking through beautiful modern interiors and we have collected a very large folder of bookmarks and images with awesome ideas. You can make a similar “virtual scrapbook” with your own bookmarks folder, or even with photo sharing websites. This neat solution certainly beats the messy project planners of years past.

Photo editing programs give homeowners the ability to add certain details, like a photo of your favorite upholstery or a new chair you have been planning to buy, to a swatch of your favorite paint color. This will allow you to see how well a certain color scheme works before you spend a dime. We really like this technique and we always save or digital collages with the rest of our inspiration, just in case we get that creative urge.

The Internet makes it so easy to turn those ideas into reality. With paint usage calculators, virtual color swatches, even smartphone apps that plan the entire purchase for you. We discovered some of these handy tools while looking for paint colours over at Bunnings, and had no idea they would be so convenient compared to paper and pen planning!

So whether you are attached to your cell phone, your tablet computer, your laptop, or anything in between – you can finally justify some of that screen time when you tell your friends that you’re not texting or playing games, you’re planning a great new interior paint project!

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