The Alemanys 5 Apartments

by FOKaL on May 26, 2011

The Alemanys 5 Apartments

Enveloped in rough stone walls and exposed beams of weathered lumber, the Alemanys 5 Apartments flawlessly retain the magnificent character of the medieval period. This 16th century building located in Girona, Spain has waited a long, long time to meet modern innovation.

Kitchen and dining utensils are displayed on open shelves, definitely an inspiration for truly rustic home decorating ideas. Simple contemporary materials and furnishings add contrast, giving both apartments an undeniably modern interior feel.

Architect Anna Noguera managed to create this beautiful vacation rental overflowing with luxurious amenities without sacrificing any of the antiquated charm that makes this historic building special.

Which characteristic feature of the Alemanys 5 Apartments would you like to find in your own beautiful home?

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