The Amazing 20 Hangers Wardrobe

by FOKaL on December 27, 2010

The Amazing 20 Hangers Wardrobe

Alice Rosignoli really hit the target with the inspiring 20 Hangers Wardrobe- minimalist design has never made such a clear and bold statement in way as usable as this. Twenty designer hangers are suspended by black ropes which come together to form a solid and decorative loop for ease of hanging. Those who like to let their wardrobe speak for itself can enjoy the colorful fabric explosion that is created once each of these solid wooden clothes hangers is filled with your favorite outfits or jackets.

It’s amazing how the 20 hangers wardrobe does so much with so little. The entire idea of a closet is stripped down and reduced to only the essentials. If something such as this can provide so much versatility with nothing more than wooden hangers and a little bit of rope, imagine how many other items that we use everyday could be simplified and improved for 2011!

Alice Rosignoli

Wooden Hangers

Designer Hangers

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