The Bold and Beautiful 9 Wick Cherry Candelabra

by FOKaL on October 18, 2011

The Bold and Beautiful 9 Wick Cherry Candelabra

The bold, beautiful 9 Wick Cherry Candelabra is a piece that can be appreciated for several different reasons.

The first reason that we love the 9 Wick Cherry Candelabra is the light and bubbly volume that centers the eye as a centerpiece. The second is the distinctive shape of the cups with their smooth, sensual shape that could be interpreted as either wineglasses or proud tulips. And our favorite reason to admire the modern candelabra is the varied structure that casts a dancing, eclectic symphony of shadows across whatever surface it may sit.

With all of the charm of a romantic vintage candelabra and the sturdy construction of contemporary design, you don’t really need convincing reasons to enjoy it – you just need to have a taste for the unique.

Vintage Candelabra

Modern Candelabra

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