The Canadian Cat Cabin from Loyal Lux

by FOKaL on February 20, 2012

The Canadian Cat Cabin from Loyal Lux

The Canadian Cat Cabin is a perfect hideaway for curious felines that display an inexplicable urge to explore discarded cardboard. A feline’s attraction to packing material may be a mystery, but it is obvious why a modern cat would love this little bed cubby – it is easy to attach toys and comes with a luxurious corrugated scratch-friendly floor.

Loyal Luxe did a great job creating this cat house to compliment human decor – it is playful, could be painted with pet-safe paint, and looks much better than traditional cat nests.

Where do you tuck your kitties in at night? Do your felines prefer private retreats like the Canadian Cat Cabin, or do they bask on a high shelf for all to admire? Feel free to share your creative bedding solutions.

Loyal Luxe

Modern Cat

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