The Cozy Appeal of Contemporary Bathrooms

by FOKaL on December 20, 2011

The Cozy Appeal of Contemporary Bathrooms

No doubt about it, contemporary bathrooms are hot right now. The intimate bathroom, once hidden away, has been liberated by contemporary design and given just as much aesthetic attention as a social area of the home – in fact, these spaces are becoming an area of relaxation and comfort, not just utility.

This emphasis on enjoyment has brought about an incredible evolution in modern bathroom design. The rooms have gotten larger – visually, if not physically.

Contemporary bathroom suites take the best of clean, modern design and combine it with an emphasis on functionality; a perfect combination for a room that aims to be as practical as possible without losing any of that highly sought after pampered appeal.

Embracing the Contemporary

Traditional bathrooms are somewhat stuffy, a little too ornate and complicated to fit in with the modern vision of sensibility within design. Contemporary bathroom suites are not about trends or fashion, but about making the most of line, shape, and form. Reductionist techniques, like exchanging bulky cabinetry for space-saving wall mounted bathroom furniture and integrating smart hidden storage, keep the visual plane uncluttered and comfortable.

Although contemporary style definitely takes a few important cues from minimal modern design, there is nothing stopping you from getting creative. The introduction of textural surfaces, rich natural materials, and sometimes even decorative antiques, can add life and character to an otherwise bare and essential room.

Contemporary colors can range from the classic neutrals, to bright vivid hues – creating the ideal cozy look is all about balance.

For a few great examples of modern accessories and boundless inspiration, make sure to check out – one of the foremost resources for stylish, contemporary bathroom furnishings.

We would love to hear about your contemporary bathroom victories or projects-in-progress – does your own unique flavor of contemporary settle more on the side of cozy, or did you take your design in a different direction?

Contemporary Bathrooms

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