The Dynamic Smokeytown House

by FOKaL on April 21, 2011

The Dynamic Smokeytown House

Inspired by Sol LeWitt’s “Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes”, the Smokeytown House takes a completely new approach to contextual design.

Nestled into an intimate eucalypt forest, the oxidized steel façade uses a dynamic twisting geometry to settle into its surroundings like a warm, earthy monolith. The cubed form of this modern home is aligned to take advantage of several distinct landscape views, spaces overlapping to provide comfort and privacy.

The masculine exterior unfolds to reveal a stunningly bold modern interior in a full bloom of organic tones borrowed from the outdoor view. Open spaces like the living room utilize line and contrast to break up large areas, sometimes using uneven divisions to create subtle visual tension.

Striking green flooring pops out against neutral carpet and stretches from the sitting area, under a dividing wall and into the adjoining office, splitting the dining table right down the middle. This eclectic flooring style is mimicked by the ceiling – a wonderful contrast between rich wood and smooth white paint. A triangular kitchen also echoes this use of shape with a long orange countertop that seems to bring the warmth of the exterior inside.

JLMA designed the Smokeytown House to bring an unconventional element to traditional country living, and in the process has created a fabulous wealth of home decorating ideas for the rest of us!

via: habitus Living

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