The Hunt Yellow Antlers by Joshua Van Dyke

by FOKaL on October 3, 2013

The Hunt Yellow Antlers by Joshua Van Dyke

Skateboarders often treat their broken boards as valued mementos, evidence of the sweat and blood that goes into the sport – The Hunt Yellow Antlers take this idea to the next level.

Joshua Van Dyke, inspired by the connection between materials and they environment where they originate, modeled this awesome wall decoration to mimic the iconic hunting trophies mounted in so many dens of decades past. Each piece comes from a real skateboard – Van Dyke even uses the metal trucks as part of the design.

The Hunt Yellow Antlers are a conversation starter, an eye-catching centerpiece measuring 70 inches from end to end. Skateboard reclamation has been a popular folk art for many years, but we’re excited to see that it has become a fine art as well.

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