The Incredible Liora Manne Pillows

by FOKaL on August 9, 2011

The Incredible Liora Manne Pillows

We knew Liora Manne’s Pillows were very unique. But once we receive a few from the famous designer we instantly realized that these were amazingly special. Like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Quite spectacular!

Liora Manne Pillows do so much more than inspire incredible home decorating ideas – they will help you rediscover the allure of modern design. The process used in the creation of each pillow is absolutely fascinating: Liora Manne’s patented Lamontage technique is a beautiful combination of cutting-edge technology and loving hand-worked craftsmanship.

You may be surprised to learn that Manne’s decorative pillows are not actually woven – artists cut and arrange fine hand-blended polyester fibers, a process that allows for infinitely complex tones and textures. An ingenious machine with 20,000 hooked needles punches the design into a sturdy base fabric. The result is a soft, felt-like web that cannot be unraveled.

You can easily see this layered Lamontage effect in the gorgeous Daisy Orange pillow, where “brushstrokes” of fiber bring life to the sunset-hued petals. This level of detail would be impossible with a traditional weave.

Our favorite design, the Pop Swirl Multi, highlights Manne’s undeniable talent for creating vibrant landscapes of color. We usually try to avoid using bright fabrics outside, but these unique pillows are UV-resistant and antimicrobial – perfect for a cute sun porch or poolside seating area! (Speaking of outdoor applications, wouldn’t the Sunflower Yellow pillow be gorgeous on a garden patio?)

Whatever your style of choice may be, there are almost 200 incredibly versatile pillow designs to choose from – and each is just as charming as the last. Made by hand and finished by machine, these pillows demonstrate the soft, stylish, and inviting side of high technology. Sending out a huge thank you to Liorra Manne for sharing her incredible technique and passion with us!

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The Incredible Liora Manne Pillows

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