The Incredible Nowhere But Sajima House – Japan

by FOKaL on May 12, 2011

The Incredible Nowhere But Sajima House - Japan

The Nowhere But Sajima House by YSMR is strategically located adjacent to the coast near Mount Fuji, an hour away from Tokyo.

Although the local scenic views are enough to inspire a sightseeing trip, the contemporary interior of this vacation rental is definitely not to be missed. Rooms are oriented to face the staggeringly beautiful oceanscape that seems to flow into every last detail of the designer house.

Reflective floors draw the viewer’s line of sight to the large, almost invisible windows – the colors and shapes of the tile seeming to plunge straight into the shimmering water below. Decorations are kept to minimum – sensible furnishings, textural materials, and sloping shapes provide most of the character in this honest design.

Was the Nowhere But Sajima House inspired by the ocean, or was the ocean inspired by the House? We love it!

via: What We Do Is a Secret

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Nowhere But Sajima House


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