The Long-Term Remodel: Creating a Sellable, Livable Space

by FOKaL on November 2, 2012

The Long-Term Remodel: Creating a Sellable, Livable Space

It seems that every modern design fan dreams of working on a “project house” – a place to love and improve until it’s time to sell. Once you get right to it, however, it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to make those dreams come true.

Sometimes the updates that make for a quick home sale aren’t the same updates your own interior design taste would favor.

Are you facing the common fixer-upper dilemma? We’ll help you make remodeling choices that raise home value without restricting your eye for unique modern design.

Think Permanent for Home Value, Temporary for Style

Real estate best practices generally regard a plain, customizable house to be better than a home with strong personality. Future residents want to be able to imagine their own furnishings and wall colors. Neutrals are the go-to colors.

For these reasons, we suggest following the real estate industry’s advice on neutrals for walls and floors and spare decor around selling time – but you still have the opportunity to add your own personal style through removable accessories. Think creative area rugs, color schemes that match neutrals and creams, and vivid wall art. Now is not the time to tile the kitchen with your favorite colors but you might decide new window treatments are a better idea.

Something else to consider: if you’re going to be living in your home for a few years while you fix it up for sale, you’ll want to make sure that your permanent updates last. Look for renovator-friendly coverage plans like cheap Direct Line home insurance, specifically to cover accidental damage to things like new carpet or custom cabinetry. This way you won’t have to tiptoe around the home until it goes to market.

You don’t have to feel like you’re living on a movie set the entire time you’re going through the preparation-for-sale stage. Make your house your own, even if it won’t be your own for very much longer – think about long term return on value but live in the moment.

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