The Petra Mechurova Hair Design Salon

by FOKaL on May 5, 2011

The Petra Mechurova Hair Design Salon

To celebrate the ninth anniversary of the Petra Mechurova Salon opening, Petra decided to give the shop a modern design makeover that resulted in more space and a hot new style.

“Amazingly stunning” doesn’t even begin to describe the quality of this remodel! Rows of sophisticated Maletti styling chairs divide and conquer the work area, illuminated by effective recessed and indirect lighting. The sleek reception area is a drama of black and white – the geometry of the square Vitra Park sofa and cedar service desk are challenged by the organic forms of a bright red sculptural bowl and curvaceous table.

Oversized photos of Mechurova original hairstyles decorate the walls, unifying the touches of bold color found throughout other interior design elements. The characteristic palette is neither feminine nor masculine, but bright and powerful all the same.

The new Petra Mechurova hair salon design is worth a look – even if you’re not in the market for a couture haircut!

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