The Popular Sun Jar from SUCK UK

by FOKaL on June 10, 2010

The Popular Sun Jar from SUCK UK

Capture the sun’s natural light into a jar, store it, and release the warm glow in the evening for everyone to enjoy with the popular Sun Jar. Designed by one of New York’s top designers Tobias Wong.

The mechanism is quite simple. This little frosted glass jar houses a solar cell, battery and LED lights fastened by a waterproof vacuum-seal lid. Before you can release the magic, you must find a sunny spot and rest the piece in full sun for an entire day. In the evening you can showcase its charm and impress your family and friends with the warm ambient sun-like glow. You can get an impressive five hours of mood lighting despite the jar’s small profile. This inventive piece stands a little over six inches in height. It turns on and off automatically.

This brilliant idea is also environmentally friendly due to its reliance on natural power produced by the sun.

The Sun Jar is compact and versatile. You can use it indoors as well as in the garden. It’s a perfect buddy for your travel and camping trips. Create an amusing centerpiece by grouping a few for an inviting evening under the stars. Display five or six on the floor or coffee table and cuddle up with your loved one for a romantic tête-à-tête. The Sun Jar also makes a perfect house-warming gift and is priced at a very attractive $30.


Sun Jar Tobias Wong

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