The Revolutionary Apple iPad

by FOKaL on February 1, 2010

The Revolutionary Apple iPad

It’s finally out of the bag and with all the nitpicking aside, the iPad is a pretty impressive piece of technology plus it looks stunning!

It won’t necessarily replace your laptop or your iPhone but it IS the perfect third device that does a lot of the fun things extremely well in an innovative way. Movies, music, e-mail, photos, books and the web like you’ve never experienced before, all in the palm of your hands. The accessibility of all your media and super portability is what makes iPad so sweet. Apple has also announced the iBooks app which will enable you to buy and read books with a few finger taps. The Kindle cannot be happy about this!

The overall design is just gorgeous. It’s 0.5 inches thin and smaller than a standard magazine. It boasts a 9.7 inch LED display and weighs 1.5 pounds. Thin, light and signature Apple sleekness – what else can you ask for? Oh yeah, it also features some pretty advanced touch technology. The iPad also has connectivity and storage on lock with Wi-Fi and 3G going up to 64 GB.

If you haven’t checked out the Apple iPad Site, take a few to witness everything this baby can do. Watch the videos and browse the image gallery. It’s got a TON of goodness going for it and will definitely make a splash with consumers. The iPad will definitely not be a necessity for everyone, whether leisure or work, but I can assure you that almost everyone will want one. It is a pretty special device, one that is revolutionary in so many ways plus it looks like a lot of fun! We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

The Revolutionary Apple iPad

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