The Spectacular ChiaroScuro Seattle House

by FOKaL on January 21, 2010

The Spectacular ChiaroScuro Seattle House

The name of this house fits perfectly, according to Merriam Webster;

chiaroscuro: Painting. the use of deep variations in and subtle gradations of light and shade, esp. to enhance the delineation of character and for general dramatic effect”

Steel, concrete and Fir are the stars of this house which mixes live and work masterfully. The breathtaking ChiaroScuro House is designed by owner and interior designer Robin Chell and Architectural Studio Ectypos.

One of the most spectacular features of the ChiaroScuro House are the window installations
. They are specifically designed in a way where a ‘lantern’ is formed by clerestory windows between the house and roof. What I appreciate most is the incredible amount of natural light that enters each space. The windows bring light all the way to the basement and allow for better air circulation on warm days.

The entire bottom floor is home to Robin Chell Design, where Robin works with her associates. The space is equipped with a large kitchen and office space, a full bathroom and bedroom. Its a grand space that would anyone with a home office blush with envy.

I love what Studio Ectypos says about the project:

“A live-work residence designed for an interior designer and a modern abstract painter. The pictorial name of the project was dictated by the orientation of the house and the way it modulates, softens and fragments the intense western light. The view toward Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula is free from structural impediments with dramatic openings while the east side is more solid and private. A system of exposed concrete mass walls and steel frames constitute the bones of the project. The massing is composed of volumes stepping down from north to south in terraces. Trellises and green roofs cradle the upper floor and master suite in a private and dramatic setting. From the structural skeleton to the smallest detail everything is a clear continuity between idea and material.”

Via The Seattle Times & the Contemporist.

The Spectacular ChiaroScuro Seattle House

ChiaroScuro House by Studio Ectypos

The Spectacular ChiaroScuro Seattle House

ChiaroScuro Home Office

Modern Kitchen


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