The Timeless Appeal of the Wood-Burning Stove

by FOKaL on July 17, 2012

The Timeless Appeal of the Wood-Burning Stove

Warm weather is the perfect time to plan a new wood-burning stove purchase. Something about the summer sun helps prevent nostalgic dreams of cold weather cappuccinos from clouding your sensible interior design judgment – because we all know that modern design has to transcend the seasonal boundaries and accomplishing such a feat is not always easy.

Actually, the subject is on our mind because we stumbled upon the stylish fireplaces collection from Direct Fireplaces. Modern fireplaces are becoming so streamlined and efficient, and we love every creative design that comes out. That made us investigate the contemporary options available for the traditional wood-burning stove, and we are finding gem after gem.

Why we Love Them

Luxury details are what make today’s stoves special. We love the resurgence of brushed nickel trims and ornate hinges – throwbacks to classic stoves, but appealing to those who want to balance out a cozy modern interior with something awe-inspiring. The bold looks and fresh multi-fuel options have made the wood burning stove relevant again.

Of course, it’s normal to hesitate when considering the visual real estate consumed by a wood-burning stove especially in the warmer months. Smart furniture placement will ensure the stove is the focal point during the winter, but will allow you to reduce the visual impact during the summer – simply turn the furniture away from the stove to exclude it from the social area.

Stoves bring people together, much like fireplaces do. They make people think about the delicate balance of nature and man. They can make a statement – in so many different ways.

But here’s the big question: do you think that modern living room stoves are an aesthetically viable alternative to a fireplace? We love fireplaces and know that they look great in every season and the mantle space is a major bonus – but the charm of a traditional stove is definitely tempting. What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion on the fireplace versus stove debate.

Wood-Burning Stove

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