The Unique Train To Dijon Collection

by FOKaL on January 25, 2011

The Unique Train To Dijon Collection

The “Train To Dijon” Collection was designed by Andrew Raible for Taible, the next evolution of Standard 41. Raible had become bored of the traditional 90-degree angles found in almost all traditional furnishings. Taible literally pushes the line of unique modern furniture, creating interesting compositions that must be viewed from all angles to truly appreciate.

Train To Dijon may seem like a scene from a funhouse mirror, with the classic farm table and chairs looking understandably precarious – tilted at 12 degrees, the slant doesn’t affect structural integrity but definitely challenges perception. Inspired by the view from a speeding train, this collection could be considered design art meets conversation-sparking functionality.

Unique Modern Furniture

Andrew Raible

Standard 41

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