Three Modern Window Treatment Trends to Follow

by FOKaL on November 30, 2012

Three Modern Window Treatment Trends to Follow

We always try to point out incredible windows in our Spaces + Places section whenever we come across something fabulous, but there are so many great trends in modern window treatments right now that a dedicated post is definitely in order. We picked our three favorites, the window treatments that currently dominate the pages of modern interior magazines but would work in any home.

1. Floor to Ceiling Drapery

You don’t need floor to ceiling windows to justify floor to ceiling drapes, you just need simple window frames. Opting for oversized drapes is a great way to make the ceilings seem higher while streamlining the appearance of the room. They’re also environmentally friendly – these drapes get better coverage when closed thus preventing heat leakage during the winter, a great companion for efficient upvc windows.

2. Printed Roman Shades

Roman shades are a minimalist choice by nature, which makes them perfect for graphic prints. The uncomplicated form and function makes it a prime candidate for prints that would end up competing for dominance on any other type of window treatment.

Printed shades are not the only option, of course. If you have a bold and bright color scheme going, simple solid roman blinds are a fabulous option for many modern interiors.

3. Natural Wooden Blinds

Roman shades are a light option, floor to ceiling drapery is the comfortable middle ground – but natural wooden blinds are the thing to have if you want to create a substantial and dramatic look. The darker venetian-style wooden blinds are the popular choice but we’ve been seeing many super knotty honey hues in modern homes as well.

We know there is a lot of focus on interior-exterior communication throughout the modern design world and window treatments are a big part of that relationship. Do you have any suggestions to add? We would love to hear about your favorite and least favorite contemporary window treatment trends.

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