Tripod Stool by Nori Morimoto

by FOKaL on March 23, 2009

Tripod Stool by Nori Morimoto

Nori Morimoto’s Tripod Stool took him almost thirty years to design and perfect before he introduced it to the public. It’s a deceptively simple solution to your need for additional seating that’s constructed of native Vermont hardwoods and exquisitely hand crafted.

The stool is the epitome of clean lines and pared-down utility, yet it retains a warmth and harmony due to the perfect balance born of gentle curves and the flow of each interlocking piece. The three legs of the Tripod stool each curve slightly downward like a root or branch reaching down into the earth, giving the stool an organic feel that echoes the Vermont woods from which it came. It gives the piece a sense of movement and growth that will enhance any corner you put it in.

Morimoto’s design genius is apparent in the construction of the stool as well. Not a single nail is used to hold the stool together, and only three screws are needed to hold the legs in place where they interlock beneath the smoothly rounded seat edges. It’s a perfect example of his less is more philosophy.

The Tripod Stool measures 12″ diameter and 16″ high and made with solid Ash legs and your choice of Ash, Maple, Cherry or Walnut seats.

You can also purchase one at 2modern.

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