Unbelievable Guido Daniele Art Collection

by FOKaL on January 24, 2012

Unbelievable Guido Daniele Art Collection

Wow – we have never seen advertising art as impressive and truly inspiring as the distinctive Guido Daniele Art Collection.

Guido Daniele, once awarded Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year Award, is most commonly recognized for his incredible unique hand painting so often seen in tech-centric advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, his original work is even more breathtaking – his surrealistic style has always flattered the human body, but the way this modern artist works with hands is truly magical.

It is so easy to lose yourself in the Guido Daniele Art Collection; this unusual art form will always captivate the imagination.

Advertising Art

Unique Hand Painting

Modern Artist

Contemporary Art

Unbelievable Guido Daniele

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