Unexpected Modern Objects by David Olschewski

by FOKaL on March 24, 2010

Unexpected Modern Objects by David Olschewski

German designer David Olschewski cleverly demonstrates how products can be repurposed into new interesting functions.

Can’t a traditional pitchfork become a coat stand – 14.7. Wardrobe? And what about the garden shovel, another colorful coat rack perhaps – Wardrobe Stiller Gefahrte? Sure why not! He also created a lovely table lamp made from laundry pegs – Peglight. His pieces make you rethink what you see. Wardrobe Stiller Gefahrte is a limited edition of 100. You can purchase this great collection of unique objects through designspray.

Peglight by David Olschewski

14.7. Wardrobe by David Olschewski

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