WASARA Paper Tableware

by FOKaL on June 2, 2010

WASARA Paper Tableware

WASARA elevates the lowly paper plate from a utilitarian holder for hot dogs and potato chips to a stylish and eco-friendly way to serve your guests the finest foods for any occasion. The company has created a series of different sizes and shapes of paper plates that should really be called by another name since they’re so completely beyond what you see in your typical store for picnics and the like.

WASARA tableware is made not from wood paper but from reed pulp (an easily renewable resource) and sugarcane waste, both completely biodegradable. They’re crafted with a rich, pebbled texture resembling handmade paper or vellum, adding a warm, artisan esthetic to each piece. These are dishes your guests will envy even after they realize they aren’t porcelain.

The organic shapes of WASARA tableware have curved corners and lips that naturally follow the shape of fingers or thumbs for easy gripping, deliberately designed so that people can hold their plates while they mingle. It reinforces the designers’ desire to encourage conversation and mingling during dining, a tradition of Japanese dining that they feel enhances the dining experience.

The many shapes, sizes and forms of the tableware and the soft off-white color in a thick, sturdy form that can stand up to the heaviest foods you serve and looks deceptively like artisan pottery. Now you can serve your guests beautifully (and without guilt) and never use your dishwasher.

For more information on the Paper Tableware and where you can find your own set, visit WASARA.

WASARA Paper Tableware

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