Why Modern Walk-In Showers Are Gaining Appeal

by FOKaL on July 31, 2012

Why Modern Walk-In Showers Are Gaining Appeal

For a while, it seemed like the design magazines could not get enough of soak tubs of every size and shape. Those egg-shaped basins and big stone tubs certainly look luxurious, but walk-in showers are once again gaining ground. They used to be the utilitarian solution to small spaces – so what happened?

A healthy appreciation for walk-in showers surely followed the desire to simplify the bathroom. While people used to fill their bathrooms with scented candles and bowls of seashells, modern design calls for honesty: there is no need to cover up the bathroom when you can make its essential elements beautiful instead.

Part of this “back to the basics” philosophy naturally included the shower. Intricate scrolling on a claw foot tub almost seems downright frilly compared to the pure functionality of a stainless steel and glass shower or glass-on-glass shower.

We all love those fun shower curtains but modern walk-in showers offer something even better. Glass shower enclosures are the only way to go if you want to achieve a fully modern look. The clean lines require no extra decoration while the lightness and transparency help reduce the “bulky” feeling that an ordinary shower creates. It lightens an ordinarily heavy room.

The contemporary bathroom accessories for walk-in showers are another major selling point. Choosing a stylish shower pan might be the most exciting part – these formerly boring accessories have undergone a transformation at the hands of detail-oriented designers. Look for shower pans with invisible drains, shower pans made entirely of beautiful teak wood, or even solid stone for those with a bigger budget.

Alternatively, for a simple minimalist look, you can use the same tiles from your bathroom floor to cover the bottom of the shower. We would personally look for a professional but there are DIY guides available online for the adventurous. Putting aside the extra effort involved, this is a fantastic way to reduce visual clutter while creating a seamless open-looking space.

Now it’s time to get to the real reason that walk-in showers have been gaining so much ground lately: they’re truly luxurious. They make you feel good. They give you room for those relaxing accessories like shower stools.

What is the point of having a gorgeous shower unless you are able to get the full spa experience? “Rain shower” style showerheads have a bold look and add luxurious functionality to a beautiful space. Of course, don’t make the same mistake as many others – make sure your shower pumps can handle one of these luxe fixtures.

What do you think? Is the walk-in-shower lifestyle right for you? Were you looking for an excuse to free up some floor space in the bathroom anyways? Let us know what you think – if you already have a modern walk-in shower, we would love to hear about your experiences.

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